Sandra Glinka


Sandra Glinka was born and raised in Tallinn, Estonia. At 16 she was accepted in the world famous Moscow Art Theater School. Glinka graduated the 4 year acting for theater and film program and the same year won the prestigious award for Best Young actress. She  moved to New York after graduation, where  she started her professional career in several theater productions. She acted in several independent films and in 2015 got cast in a lead role of Kitty in a feature film “Broome Street Boys” featuring John Heard. In the winter of 2016 Glinka played a lead role of Regina in an immersive theater production “The Alving Estate” based on the Ibsens “Ghost” play got great recognition and was sold out right after opening, shortly after Sandra got cast as a lead in the independent feature "Manhattan Front" directed by Cathy Lee Crane.

"I would like to pay your attention to not only talented but also tremulously artistic Sandra Glinka whos name will soon be known. She graduated from Moscow Art Theater School (and as the best actress was granted a Golden Leaf award), then New York film academy which combined with a natural talent helped her to become a high level actress"- Margarita Shklyarevskaya

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