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Amanda (guest star)

Lenore (lead)

Kitty (lead)

Amber (lead)
Sasha (lead)
Beth (lead)
Kate (lead)

Scarlett (lead)







Maggie (lead)
Anna (sup)

Elena Ivanovna (lead)
Natalia Stepanovna (lead)

Anna (lead) 


Jessica Jones (Netflix series)

Manhattan Front (feature)

Broome Street Boys (feature)

The Name Game (short)
Hysterical (short)
The Remains (short)
The Shortest Distance(short)

Losing Ground (web series)




New York

The Alving Estate (Ghosts)

My Poor Marat

Under the Table
30s Forever (Musical)

The Bear
A Marriage Proposal

The Doctor’s Duty 


Anton Cropper 

Cathy Lee Crane

Matteo Ribaudo

Phillip Pchelin
Anna Tsukanova-Kott
Delphine Batier
Miguel Parga

John Desiderio





Journey lab

Wayne Maugans

Bruce Ornstein
Gary Chernyakovskiy 

John Martello
John Martello

John Martello 



Levi's vintage collection 2016



Moscow Art Theatre School Graduate:

Four Years of Intensive Training in Stanislavski, M. Chekhov etc Combat, Fencing, Voice, Dance etc.


New York:

Wynn Handmans studio 

Karen Kohlhaas

Meisner Technique- James Price

Voice & Speech, Mary Workman


2010 - present

2010 - present


Golden Leaf Award winner, 2010,Best Actress


Languages: Russian, Ukrainian.   
Accents: French, Russian, German, Indian
Singing, skiing, swimming, yoga.








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